Legislación internacional de Límites Máximos de Residuos de Plaguicidas (LMRs) en productos vegetales

The secretariat of state for trade has made a compilation of the laws of the ceilings of pesticide residues (LMRs) in plant products, as well as other contaminants in food.

With this work is intended to facilitate a comprehensive information on spanish tolerances of pesticide residues in plant products in the main destination countries of our exports, with a view to facilitating commercial transactions with foreign operators and vegetable sector.

This work is constructed from information provided by the network of economic and trade offices throughout the world, in addition to information of the websites of agencies.

The information contained on this page is merely informative in nature. The Subdirectorate General inspection, certification and technical assistance to foreign trade makes every effort to avoid any errors in the contents appearing, but does not guarantee the accuracy or the updating of information, nor assumes any responsibility in this respect.

Before any doubts can consult the subdirectorate General Inspection and Certification of Technical Assistance of foreign trade throughsgsoivre.sscc@mincotur.es.

For the identification of pesticides had included a table with the CAS numbers. Active substances permitted in each country are available at: Records.

You may check LMRs of pesticides of the following countries:

  • CODEX ALIMENTARIUS COMMISSION(Also includes information on the acceptable daily intake.)
    • European Union
    • Non-eu countriesIceland, Norway, russia and Switzerland.
  • AMERICA: Argentina, brazil, canada, Central America, united states and mexico.
  • ASIA: China, The Persian Gulf, Hong-Kong, Israel, japan, republic of korea.
  • OCEANIA: Australia and new Zealand.
  • AFRICA: Morocco and south africa.

Through different options:

  • A product and all pesticides: select a product of the list of products and get information about the LMRs of all pesticides envisaged in the same.
  • A pesticide and all products: select a pesticide in the list of pesticides and get information about the LMRs of this pesticide in all products for which is under consideration.
  • A product and a pesticide: this option allows you to choose a pesticide in the list of pesticides and a product of the list of products and obtain the maximum pesticide residue from that envisaged for that product.

Also available on the legislation of different pollutants in different countries, including:

  • 3 MONOCLOROPROPANODIOLin european union, Australia, new Zealand, canada, thailand and Taiwan.
  • ALKALOIDS TROPANICOSin European union.
  • DIOXINin european union, Australia, new Zealand, japan and USA.
  • SOLVENTSin European union.
  • ESCLEROCIOSin European union.
  • AROMATICOS POLICICLICOS HYDROCARBONS (PAHS)in European Union, brazil, spain and sweden.
  • HISTAMINAS NBVT ANDin european union, Australia, new Zealand, canada and switzerland.
  • MELAMINEin European Union and canada.
  • HEAVY METALSin european union, Australia, new Zealand, brazil, canada, finland, japan, russia, south africa, switzerland and USA.
  • MYCOTOXINSin European Union, germany, Australia, new zealand, brazil, denmark, italy, japan, sweden, switzerland, USA.
  • NITRATESin european union, belgium, russia and Switzerland.
  • OBJECTS IN CONTACT WITH FOODin european union and Japan.
  • OTHER POLLUTANTSin european union, Australia, new Zealand, finland, japan, Sweden and USA.